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Life Lessons from Piercings

Over the past four months, I've gotten four piercings. No, not a piercing a month, though that would've been something, and I'm sure it would've induced some kind of weird (yet badass) habit. However, I like to deem myself a responsible person, so I got them done in sets of two...

Back in April, I got my double helix piercing. Or should I say redone since I had them before, but they closed. I'm still blaming the piercer on that one as she told me I could take them out, and they closed less than 24 hours later.


The other two I got done just above my first "traditional" ear piercings (I've had those since I was six months old) to make double lobe piercings on both ears.

Now, if you're decent at math, you know I have a grand total of six piercings. And let me tell you, I've learned quite a bit over these past four.

1. Piercings do not make everything better.

This may sound like a no-brainer but bear with me. We all know the trope of when a girl goes through a breakup, she dyes her hair or cuts it, and suddenly she's a brand new person. Well, that's how getting my helix piercings felt to me. By getting those two tiny holes in my ears, suddenly, I was supposed to get my edge and spunk back. I felt like that for maybe a week before the feeling wore off, and I no longer marveled at the jewelry.

That's why once they healed, I moved on to my other piercings to evoke the feeling again. Unsurprisingly, the same thing happened again. I eventually realized I was hoping these piercings would help me become the person I wanted to be deep down. Somehow I would become more outspoken when I needed to be and confident in areas of my life where it was lacking.

Well, personality doesn't work that way. Evidently, I needed to self-mutilate myself four times to understand that.


2. A little pain can make for a lifetime of beauty.

Despite how things may have sounded in my point above, I love my piercings. When I look at my ears, I like seeing the glint of the jewels decorating them. However, it's not like these earrings just appeared on my ears. No, my ears had to be impaled by a piece of metal. They had to go through acute, albeit tiny, physical trauma to gain the specks of beauty I like so much.

These piercings are a small-scale example of how sometimes we must go through something painful to get to the beautiful pieces of life.

3. Healing takes time...

...and there is no rushing it. The average time it takes for a cartilage piercing to heal is four-six months. That's quite a long time to be stuck with the same (usually boring) earrings. Though, that's the only way for the hole to heal. Well, that and consistent cleaning and twisting. It takes time and effort for new piercings to heal; you can't just leave them alone and hope for the best. Otherwise, they will most likely become infected.

The same goes for emotional healing. We cannot sit around and hope for our mental well-being to sort itself out. We must put in the consistent work, and the appropriate time it takes to heal ourselves. No matter how long it takes.

I never would've thought getting my piercings would end up teaching me some life lessons. If you take the time to look, I guess it's true that there is something to learn in everything. I will certainly think about these things when I clean my earrings and when I get my other cartilage piercings (I have to be symmetrical!)

What tiny lessons have you learned recently? I would love to read about them in the comments!

P.S. If the regular saline your piercer gave you does not seem to do the trick, I highly recommend this aftercare spray I've been using. It has helped my piercings remain clean and sterile, allowing them to heal beautifully!

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