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IRON °FLASK Classic Tumbler AKA the Best Tumbler Out There

Okay, guys, so I am going to tell you about this fantastic tumbler I found on Amazon a couple of weeks ago. Don't worry, this is not sponsored (yet). It's called the IRON °FLASK, and when I say this thing is the greatest, I mean it.

For a bit of backstory, I was looking for a good smoothie cup around a month and a half ago. I had gotten into making smoothies almost every morning and was tired of drinking them out of plastic cups. They aren't good for the planet, and I would go through them too quickly, so the cost added up. Anyway, I decided to go on Amazon to see if I could find a decent cup that was reasonably priced and sustainable.

I didn't have to scroll for long before I came across IRON °FLASK. The design was the first thing that drew me in. Vibrantly colored and an ombre effect, talk about aesthetically pleasing. The second thing was that the tumbler had over 6000 raving reviews averaging about 4.8 stars. That was when I knew this thing was the real deal.

IRON °FLASK's tumblers come in various colors upwards of 28, so you'll definitely find something to match your tastes. Along with several sizes to fit all of your thirst-quenching needs. I went for the 24 Oz tumbler, the perfect size for my smoothies.

There were several big claims these tumblers made. The biggest ones are that they will never sweat; keep your drinks cold for up to 20 hours and hot for up to 5. I got say that this tumbler delivered.

No one likes a sweaty cup. It wets up your hand and makes your cup harder to grip. I only had my tumbler sweat on me when I put it in the fridge for a few hours and took it out. However, when you put something ice cold inside, the exterior does not sweat no matter how much time goes by.


Now, saying your tumbler keeps drinks cold for up to 20 hours cannot be said lightly. I live in Florida, and the heat is no joke, especially with summer coming up. One day I filled my IRON °FLASK up with water and some ice and left it in the car for over an hour. When I got back, I could still hear the ice clinking inside, and the water tasting like it was straight from the fridge. To say I was surprised is an understatement.

I have honestly never come across a tumbler as good as this one, and as I stated, this is not sponsored, so I am saying nothing but the truth. So if you're looking for an excellent tumbler, you can stop the search. This is the one you've been looking for, and you can get it on Amazon for less than $30. Go ahead and add it to your cart; you will not regret it.


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