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Full Focus Planner: The Best Planner for Goal Setting and Productivity

A couple of months ago, I was desperately looking for a planner I would actually use. I've been through a lot of planners over the past couple of years. None of which I could stick with using for more than a few weeks. I wanted to find a planner to help me stick to my daily plans and aid me in goal setting. Maximizing my productivity by allowing me to write out my priorities and make plans were some of the critical things I was searching for.

After clicking on Google and Amazon, I eventually stumbled across the Full Focus Planner. When I first saw this planner on Amazon, it's sleek design was what grabbed my attention. I am a fan of the minimalist look, and this planner was precisely that. And while the cover caught my eye, what the inside had to offer managed to keep me interested.

Let's take a quick tour!

Sleek minimalist design cover that looks classic no matter where you put it.

A page to make a list of all of your annual goals that you can fillout at anytime

Take that list of annual goals and expand on each one in detail so you can have the full picture and make a detail plan

At the beginning of each new week you can review the previous week and make a plan for the upcoming one

Each undated day comes with a list of your 3 big tasks and a less of items of lesser priority. There is also an hourly planner and a full journal page to write out any thoughts.

As you can see, the Full Focus Planner has plenty to offer and is filled with useful features. It even walks you through utilizing each feature to get the absolute most out of your planner.

There is nothing that hasn't been thought of as it can serve as your goal planner, daily planner, and journal, so you do not need to have a separate notebook for all of those things.

I highly recommend the Full Focus Planner to anyone who is serious about being more productive and reaching their goals, as well as wanting to organize their life. Because, let's be honest, life can get messy, and trying to remember all of our priorities can be tricky when we are constantly thrown into things.

You can go ahead and click this link here to take an even closer look at the Full Focus Planner and read all of its stellar reviews on Amazon in case my raving about it wasn't enough to make you add it to your cart!

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