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6 Tips for Making Critical Life Decisions You Won't Regret

Throughout life, there are many big decisions we must make. Like where to go to college, what career to have, who to marry, to move from one city to another...the list goes on and on. Many of these critical decisions can be difficult to make and can keep you up at night. Not only can these choices be taxing physically and mentally, but they can also make you question where you're headed in life. As much as I wish I could, I cannot grant you powers to see into the future. So I am going to give you the next best thing: steps and tips on how to make big decisions in your life without feeling regret. No matter what the dilemma may be.

1. Make a Pros and Cons List

This tool for making decisions has been around for ages and with good reason. Being able to take all the doubts from your head and onto a sheet of paper helps you to visualize your choices.

You can write out all the good things that come with making one side of the decision as well as everything bad (including minor inconveniences). Once it's all down on paper you can see if the pros outweigh the cons. This kind of list will help you clearly see which choice is more favorable to you.

2. Ask a Trusted Person for Advice

Sometimes going to a friend or family member who you trust for advice can help you make a choice. Talking to someone who is removed from the situation but knows you will aid you in the decision-making process.

This person can give you a fresh perspective on your situation all while knowing what may be good for you in the long run. While no one knows you better than yourself (except for maybe your mother who claims to know everything about you) another's insight may help provide clarity. The clarity that will ultimately lead you to make a choice.

3. Pray About It

If you are spiritual, this can be a big way to help you finally decide between two paths. Talking things through with God can help you feel more at peace and certainty about one outcome versus another.

God always tells us to come to Him when we need guidance and He will eventually show us the way. So go ahead and pray for wisdom in your situation along with some patience as you wait for Him to show you which road to take.

4. Do Your Research

If you need to make a more logic-based decision like where you should move or what

treatment to start doing your research can play a big role. Knowing the facts and being well informed can keep you from having an "in hindsight" moment. Knowledge is power and you want to make sure you are well equipped to make an educated choice that will be best for you and your situation.

5. Don't Be Hasty

As I mentioned in tip #3 patience is key for making difficult choices. The last thing you want to do is rush into something o KY to regret it later. Doing research, seeking trusted advice, and praying; all of that takes time which is necessary for making the right decision.

If you ever feel as if things are moving too quickly or you're being pressured to make a choice without having time to evaluate the costs, take it as a sign. A sign that maybe that particular path is not right for you. This leads me to my final tip...

6. Trust Your Gut

Remember I said no one knows you better than yourself? Well, your gut knows you better than anything in the world, except for God of course. Your gut warns you when things are wrong or when you're in danger. Often we ignore our gut feeling only to look back when something less than ideal happens and say "I knew I had a bad feeling about this."

When making a critical decision you want to make sure your gut is in on the conversation. Listen to it carefully and it will help point you in the right direction.

Let's wrap it up!

Making critical life decisions can be challenging and can take a lot out of you. Especially if you are unsure of how to go about things. However, with proper tools and people in your life, you can become less anxious about the choices you have to make. Thus allowing you more time to focus on achieving your dream outcome.

So remember these six tips whenever you are staring into the face of a big decision:

  1. Make a pros and cons list

  2. Ask a trusted person for advice

  3. Pray about it

  4. Do your research

  5. Don't be hasty

  6. Trust your gut

Feel free to tell me additional ways on how you make critical life decisions in the comments. I would love to hear from you!

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