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6 Tips for Buying Luxury Goods Without Breaking the Bank

I like expensive things. There I said it. As much as I like to think I'm easygoing and my Sims 4 profile was lying when it said I'm materialistic (which...I'm not!) I like expensive things. I know I'm not the only one, as I'm sure you clicked on this post wondering what luxury item you can score without breaking your bank. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint as I'm not writing about a crazy sale - this time- but instead, I'm going to share how you can enjoy luxurious items in your daily life.

I am by no means well off; I work a retail job at the moment and am a recent college graduate. However, that does not mean l deny myself the joys of buying some more refined things in life.l still buy some of the things I want while meeting my financial goals. I believe we all should be able to enjoy the things we love, even if some of those things may cost a pretty penny. Let me share some tips on how I do it.

1. Shop Sales

Anyone who knows me IRL knows l love a good sale. I'm talking 50% off or higher. 20% off in my books is NOT a sale! You may as well be paying full price! Everything goes on sale; eventually, things lose their value when the next big thing comes out, or when the fashion world derides something as "last season," or around big holidays.

My point is; that purse, perfume, home decor piece you have to have, or pair of shoes will go on sale or hit the clearance rocks sooner than you think. So if you don't have $150 to spend on a cute pair of shoes or anything else (I just like shoes), you have two... well, three options.

  1. Try to find something similar that is cheaper either through a sale, markdown, or is just more affordable.

  2. Wait for the next good sale and save a little money on the side, specifically when that day comes.

  3. Buy impulsively and feel guilty about it later when you look at your bank statement.


2. Only buy what you "need"

I say "need" loosely because no one needs luxury items. They are called luxury for a reason, but that's beside my point. When you want to treat yourself, an excellent way to keep yourself in check is by only buying what you need and not getting greedy with it.

I love French macarons, they are my favorite dessert, but at $2 apiece from the good bakeries, those little cookies can be pretty expensive. Now in my head, whenever I get a chance to buy some, I want to order like 50 of them. Even though I know, I'll probably only eat half a dozen before they go stale. So instead of buying out the entire bakery, I only buy the six macarons I know I'll eat. That way, I end up satisfied, and my wallet isn't crying either; it's a win-win.

Next time you allow yourself to treat yourself, only buy what you can use, eat, or want. It's the mature way to handle your money while feeding your desires.

3. Don't treat yourself too often

I am guilty of this one. When I'm having a particularly rough week, I take the whole treat yourself mentality a little too far. I'll want to and will buy every little thing my heart says it wants even if I know it is not in the budget and I really shouldn't be spending the money.

It's a lack of self-discipline and not a form of self-care. Let's face it; we've all gone to Target for one little thing and walked out with 25 items and out $200. It happens. However, this is when you have to be able to tell yourself "no" because it will do you good in the long run.

I advise giving yourself a day or two a month where you buy something you've been wanting and know it'll give you more than 30 seconds of joy.

I like to buy myself one big thing (a big thing equates to $150) on payday. That helps me scratch my spending itch and allows me to stay aligned with my financial goals.


4. Don't buy full size

This one can piggyback off tip #2 to only buy what you need. Those expensive skincare brands or fragrance brands often offer trial or travel sizes of their products for a much lower price. These smaller sizes are your ticket to trying luxury brands and using them daily.

I love a great smelling perfume - go ahead and check out my Beautiful Magnolia review here- but I do not have $70-150 to buy a bottle of everything my nose falls in love with. It also takes me forever to finish a bottle; I'm talking years. So whenever I spot an expensive perfume I have to have, I opt for buying the purse size that usually costs around $30.

Giorgio Armani is still the same whether it comes in a 3 Oz or a 0.5 Oz. No one will ask what size bottle you bought, just "what are you wearing? You smell amazing!"

5. Set aside a luxury fund

Okay, so what if planning out your purchases isn't your thing. You see something you want, and you have to buy it right there and then? That's more than okay as long as you're smart about it. Add a luxury fund to your budget, a set amount of money you'll put aside each paycheck. It can be 5% or even 10%, whatever works for you and still allows you to meet all of your other money goals.

Whenever you run across something that catches your eye, you can pull money from your luxury fund. This will save you from making setbacks in other budget areas and still buy the little luxuries you want.

6. Stop and think

It can be easy to see something and say, "I have to have that." Sometimes, especially when money is tight, you must stop and think. You should ask yourself:

  • Do I really need this?

  • Is this just going to sit and collect dust after a few days?

  • Are there any emotional holes I'm trying to fill by buying this?

At times finding the root reason behind our spending habits can save us a lot of money. There is nothing wrong with wanting something because you enjoy it, but if you're purchasing in hopes of whatever item will make you happy, you should reevaluate. Before making a big luxury purchase, stop and think for a second before you swipe your card.


It can be enjoyable to buy luxury goods that can be used daily. Wearing designer perfume or shoes can undoubtedly add a pep in your step. However, when on a budget, you want to make sure you're not blowing your entire life savings on items that won't benefit you in the long run. Use the tips above to help you enjoy the finer things in life without sacrificing the progress of your other financial goals.

Do you have any other tips for "ballin' on a budget"? Feel free to tell me in the comments; I would love to hear from you!

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