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6 Things I'm Looking Forward to About Grad School

So for those who didn't know, I am starting graduate school this fall. I am excited to hit the books again and start working on my Master's degree. I will be studying Educational Psychology at FAU (Go Owls), which is quite different from my original career path of becoming a psychiatrist. Chemistry isn't for everyone, no matter how much you study.

This time around, my degree program is online, but there are still many things I am looking forward to this upcoming semester.

1. Studying

Staying up late into the night and sometimes early morning wasn't something I was much of a fan of. However, since I've left school, I have been envious of people who still have textbooks to read and notebooks filled with organized notes.

2. Being Around Like-Minded People

After working in retail for the past two years, I've come to miss being around academic people. I've missed being around people who get excited about research studies and are eager to learn. I can't wait to get back into the classroom (even if it's virtual) and participate in discussions.

3. Seminars

Speaking about like-minded people, taking a seminar is the perfect opportunity to do that. My program offers two seminars that I can take on the physical campus. These classes only allow 20 students to enroll and meet once a week. Talk about the perfect opportunity to get to know some classmates and connect with a professor. Can you think of the letters of recommendation?

4. Self Discoveries

While in school, I learned a lot about a particular subject and myself. I discovered what habits work best for me and skills I wouldn't have picked up from anywhere else. There will also be dozens of other things I'll manage to learn about myself as I go through this journey.

5. Pride

There is a sense of pride that comes when being a student at a university. I will join a community that only current students and alumni are a part of. I see somewhere wearing a UCF or FAU hoodie or has a license plate on their car and instantly feel a little connected to a stranger. That's a feeling that cannot be easily replaced.

6. Pursuing A Degree I'm Going to Use

I got my bachelor's in Clinical Psychology, and when my plans changed, my degree became "useless." I was no longer going to look for a career in that field and was sitting on a degree that I would not use. This time, I am getting a degree in a subject I am interested in, and it will allow me to go after a multitude of jobs in that career field.

I know grad school isn't going to be a walk in the park. Regardless, I am excited to begin this journey of going after an even higher level of education. I can only look ahead with a good feeling about it all.

And don't worry, I will definitely keep you guys posted.

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